Safety Standards Appeal Board - Board Member Renumeration

In accordance with Treasury Board directive, the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General provides remuneration reports annually for Safety Standard Appeal Board members.

The Safety Standards Appeal Board reports that it paid the following remuneration under Treasury Board Directives 2/11 and 1/17 in the 2016/17 fiscal year:


Name Position Total Remuneration

 Rates of Remuneration

Per Diem Rates for Members

Emily Drown Chair / Part Time $36,157 $650/day ($325/half day)
Jeffrey Hand Vice-Chair / Part Time $30,153 $550/day ($275/half day)
Tim Haaf Member / Part Time $950 $500/day ($250/half day)
Terry Bergen Member / Part Time $167 $450/day ($225/half day)
David Martin Member / Part Time $9,675 $450/day ($225/half day)
Ted Simmons Member / Part Time $0 $500/day ($250/half day)