Financial disclosure

The intent of the Financial Disclosure Act is to identify what areas of influence and possible financial benefit an elected official, nominee or designated employee might have by virtue of their office, and to ensure the public has reasonable access to the information.

The act requires that the following people make disclosures of assets, debts and sources of income:

  • A nominee for election to a provincial or local government* office, a school trustee, or a director of a francophone education authority.
  • An elected local government official.
  • An elected school trustee or director of a francophone education authority.
  • An employee designated by a local government, francophone education authority or board of a school district.
  • A provincial public employee designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

These web pages are meant to help nominees understand the general requirements of the Financial Disclosure Act. Nominees should, however, refer to the act itself for specific interpretations. The Election Act and Members' Conflict of Interest Act are also recommended as sources of information for provincial candidates.

*(“local government” includes municipalities, regional districts, and the Islands Trust.)