Atlin Community Planning Area

The Atlin Community Planning Area enables the unincorporated community of Atlin to represent its interests on land use matters to the provincial government. The Atlin Community Planning area will remain in place until a new local government body is able to take responsibility for providing local planning.

Community planning areas provided planning and other services to rural unincorporated communities before the establishment of regional districts during the late 1960s. Today, regional districts provide services to unincorporated areas. Since Atlin is not in a regional district, the Atlin Community Planning Area is still in effect.

Regulations under the under the Local Services Act establish the the Atlin Community Planning Area; define the role of the Atlin Advisory Planning Commission; and create the Atlin Official Community Plan which designates broad land-use categories for the community.

In 2008, the Province added the Atlin Advisory Planning Commission's role into the mandate of the Atlin Improvement District enabling the integration of service delivery and advisory planning roles at the local level.

The Atlin Community Improvement District letters patent were amended by Order-in-Council 843 on November 27, 2008 to extend its boundaries to include the Atlin Community Planning Area.

The Community Planning Area No. 30 Regulation 71/81 was amended December 8, 2008 (by Minister's Order No. 296) to make the advisory planning commission the board of trustees of the Atlin Community Improvement District.