Atlin Community Improvement District

The Atlin Community Improvement District is the only local service provider within the Stikine Region. In the absence of local governments in the region, the improvement district provides a variety of local services to the Atlin community as well as acting in an advisory role on provincial land use matters.

The Atlin Community Improvement District was established on January 30, 1967 and originally provided drainage, fire protection, sidewalks, solid waste disposal, street lighting and waterworks.

The improvement district's boundaries were extended in 2008 to match the Atlin Community Planning Area to enable the improvement district to assume the responsibilities of the Atlin Advisory Planning Commission.

On behalf of the community, the improvement district responds to referrals and provides advice to the provincial government on proposed land use decisions that could impact Atlin. Decisions the improvement district can advise on include Crown land tenures or transfer of title, subdivision approvals and approval of large resource development projects.

In responding to provincial referrals on land use matters, the role of the improvement district is to: provide advice that reflects policies in the Atlin Official Community Plan; describe and explain local interests; and share information about existing and previous land uses in the area.

The improvement district can also request planning changes from the provincial government. Most other Atlin services are managed by the provincial government (such as roads, health and policing) or are provided privately or by local societies (for example, septage pumping, bulk water delivery, recreation, and museum services).