Thinking of running for local office?

Publication date: November 9, 2017

Serving your community can be a rewarding experience. There are many good reasons to run for office—you might run to be actively involved in the local decision-making process, contribute your experience and knowledge to the community, address issues or lead change in your community.

Communities need a diversity of voices at the table to come up with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by local governments including climate change adaptation, social inequity, and the changing economic development landscape.


The Importance of Running for Elected Office


The basics of general local elections

If you would like to know more about local elections and running for local office, these four videos will provide you with general information about what you can expect before, during and following general local elections or by-elections in B.C.

The role of local elected officials

If you’re thinking of running for local office, part of the decision-making process may include considering the role you will play, how best you can serve your community and the impact you will have as an elected official.

These four videos videos will provide you with information about the role elected officials play and their impact they have on the community

Being an effective elected official

Once you are elected the real work begins. Effective elected officials have certain characteristics in common that enable them to work with fellow elected officials, Indigenous partners, and the community at large.

These six videos will help potential candidates better understand what is involved in serving as an elected leader.

Responsible conduct of elected officials

Responsible conduct is grounded in elected officials conducting themselves with honesty and integrity and in a way that furthers a local government’s ability to provide good governance to their community.

The foundational principles — integrity, accountability, respect, and leadership and collaboration — provide a basis for how local government elected officials fulfill their roles and responsibilities, including in their relationships with each other, with local government staff and with the public.

Thinking about running for local office?

Download Thinking of Running for Local Office Brochure (PDF)

Before making the decision to run for local office, it's important to think about how you can best serve your community if you are elected.

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