Third party sponsors and advertising

Third party sponsors must be independent from candidates and/or elector organizations and must not coordinate, or sponsor advertising together with, or on behalf of a candidate and/or elector organization.

Third party sponsors must register with Elections BC before conducting advertising during the pre-campaign and campaign periods and are subject to campaign financing disclosure requirements under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

Third party sponsors in general local elections must:

  • Register with Elections BC before conducting any advertising
  • Include their name and contact information on all advertising during the pre-campaign period and the campaign period
  • Be independent and not sponsor advertising on behalf of, or together with, a candidate or elector organization
  • Not spend more than the allowable expense limits and
  • File a disclosure statement with Elections BC

Third Party Advertising

Third party advertising includes advertising for or against a candidate and/or an elector organization. In the campaign period, it also includes advertising on an issue with which a candidate or elector organization is associated—such as funding for a local recreation centre or preserving parkland.

There are limits placed on sponsorship contributions made by eligible individuals to third party sponsors. For more information about third party advertising rules visit Elections BC.

Local Elections Legislation