Regulatory Reform Policy

The Regulatory Reform Policy guides the development and improvement of provincial legislation, regulations, policies and forms. Its intent is to make sure that:

  • All requirements are necessary
  • Their impacts on people or businesses are identified and addressed without compromising public health, safety and the environment.

Regulatory Reform Policy 

Regulatory Impact Checklist 

Regulatory Impact Checklist Exemption Form

Regulatory Requirements Count

A regulatory requirement is any action or step that must be taken to access services, carry out business, or meet legal responsibilities under provincial legislation, regulation, policy, or forms.

B.C. has tracked the number of regulatory requirements since 2001 and reports updates annually. 

2023 Regulatory Requirements Count

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The Policy Approaches Playbook supports new and experienced analysts in understanding the most common policy approaches. It provides a framework to assist policy teams in selecting the most appropriate instrument for their particular circumstances.