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Regulatory and Service Improvement provides cross-government leadership. 

The Regulatory Requirements Count and Net Zero Increase Commitment provides a proxy for the overall regulatory burden, and requires government to keep the overall number of regulatory requirements below 2004 levels.

The Regulatory Reform Policy and Regulatory Impact Checklist and Count Form supports the development of effective and efficient legislation, regulations, policies and forms and encourages transparency in regulatory decision-making.

The Regulatory Reporting Act and Regulations requires government to report on its progress in regulatory and service improvement on an annual basis. 

The Better Regulations for British Columbians annual process groups together minor regulatory amendments that improve service delivery and keep B.C.’s regulatory framework up to date.

A number of updates were made in 2020 to B.C.’s regulatory framework using this process, including:

  • The Gaming Control Regulation was updated to streamline worker registration by permitting work at multiple sites without multiple registration processes, and by simplifying how workers receive their identification cards. The amendments will reduce wait times for workers and businesses and eliminate unnecessary or duplicative administrative processes.
  • A selection of regulations under the Employment and Assistance Act, Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act, Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act, Offence Act, and the Police Act were amended to modernize non-inclusive gendered language, supporting the Province’s commitment to gender equity and inclusion.
  • The Wildlife Act Regulation was amended to update reference to the Nisg̱a’a Nation, demonstrating respect for Indigenous names.
  • The Jury Regulation was amended to align jury travel rates to existing benchmarks, eliminating the need for updates in the future.
  • Four Use Recreation and Enjoyment of Public Reserves were rescinded where B.C. parks have already been established. These changes simplify the permitting process, saving British Columbians time.
  • Two land reserve Orders in Council under the Land Act, that are no longer needed, were rescinded, clarifying the public record and enabling the land to be used for other purposes.
  • The Violation Ticket Administration and Fines Regulation and the Forest Recreation Regulation were updated to remove a requirement already included in the Off-Road Vehicle Act, eliminating duplication.  
  • A Monument Reserve Order in Council was amended to align with the cancellation of reserves around survey monuments throughout B.C. This change clarifies the status of the land.
  • The Police (Uniforms) Regulation was updated to clarify the decision-making authority regarding uniform standards.
  • A number of outdated regulations were repealed under the Victoria Regional Transit Commission’s Property Tax Regulations that had been replaced by newer regulations, helping to clean the regulatory books.
  • The Limited Entry Hunting Regulation and Hunting Regulation were updated to clarify the definitions of "adult mountain goat" and "kid,” making definitions cohesive across legislation and practice, supporting smooth service delivery.