Better Regulations

B.C. is committed to better, smarter regulations and services that promote economic growth, innovation, and inclusion. We are working hard to make sure our regulations, policies and programs are clear, streamlined and meet the needs of people, businesses and industry – now and in the future – so that they can grow and thrive.

How We Build Better Regulations

We work at all stages of policy development, review and renewal to keep B.C.'s regulations and policies modern and inclusive, enabling innovation and investment through smart, agile regulation and purposeful policy and decision-making.

Policy Development and Decision-Making

Review and Accountability

  • Under the Regulatory Reporting Act, we profile government’s regulatory and service improvements in our Annual Report
  • The Regulatory Requirements Count helps make sure that B.C.’s regulations stay streamlined and are not overly burdensome  
  • The Net Zero Increase commitment (NZI) has kept us well under the baseline of regulatory requirements established in 2004
  • We leverage technology to efficiently address outdated, complex or unnecessary requirements
  • We regularly engage in outreach with key partners to identify barriers and opportunities to better meet the needs of people and businesses

Renewal and Modernization

  • We use the Better Regulations for British Columbians amendment process every year to update many regulations at once
  • We are removing gendered terms and other non-inclusive or outdated language from B.C.’s regulations, policies and programs so that all British Columbians see themselves reflected
  • We are collaborating with industry on specific ways to design smart regulations that help promote growth and innovation in a rapidly changing economy