About Us

The Regulatory and Service Improvement Branch leads the Province’s regulatory reform initiative. The Branch provides expertise to all of government on best practices for regulation, including responsibility for administrating the Regulatory Reform Policy that guides public servants in amending or developing legislation, regulations, policies and forms.

B.C. has received national and international recognition for its approach to regulatory reform and its efforts to improve government services and processes. 

Legislation and Regulation

Three key pieces of legislation support government’s drive to improve access to services and streamline government requirements:

The Regulatory Reporting Act requires annual reporting on government's regulatory and service improvement progress. The Annual Report contains the following information:

  • goals and objectives of the regulatory and service improvement initiative;
  • the regulatory count, an explanation of the methodology used, and a comparison with prior years; and
  • an assessment of regulatory and service improvement initiatives undertaken in the previous year.

Red Tape Reduction Day Act designates the first Wednesday in March as Red Tape Reduction Day. 

Highlights of Red Tape Reduction Day 2018 include:

  • The Strata Property Regulation was amended to clarify that strata corporations can adopt usage-based charges for common property, such as charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Changes to the Partnership Act and two of its regulations will streamline filings by partners and increase administrative efficiencies.
  • Amendments to the Workers Compensation Act Appeal Regulation clarify who can be ordered to pay costs.
  • Six sections of the Employment Standards Regulation were changed to ensure the wording does not confuse or mislead anyone reading it.
  • Outdated and defunct references in the Cut Control Regulation were amended.
  • Redundant requirements for posting orders were eliminated from the Government Actions Regulation.
  • Duplicate requirements in the Gaming Control Regulation were repealed along with seventeen redundant regulations under the Local Government Act and Community Charter.