Request personal information for someone else

Last updated on July 13, 2023

Last updated: March 30, 2023

You can request the personal information of other people. For example:

  • Your child or a child in your legal care
  • An adult in your care
  • An adult that has given consent for their information to be released, like a client that you're representing

There are no fees to make a personal information request.

You will need to submit proof you have authority to act on a person's behalf or signed permission from a person to share their information with you. In some situations, you'll also need to explain why you're accessing information for someone else.

You will need to provide enough information about the person to help us search for their records:

  • Tell us which ministry or agency holds the records you want
  • Describe the records you're requesting

Parents or guardians can only access records for children that are in their legal care. They cannot access records about children under 12 years old in the custody of the Ministry of Children and Family Development. If a child is over 12 and in care, they can provide consent for their parents to have their records. In some cases, a court order may be required to access personal records needed to make a decision.

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Records for someone who has died. Personal information is generally protected after a person has died. In some cases, you can access the personal information of someone who has died. You'll need to show that you're the appropriate person, and you'll also need to explain why you're accessing their information. Learn more in Section 5 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation.

To receive your records electronically, verify your identity with the BC Services Card Login when you make your request.

Request personal records for someone else

Submit proof that you have authority or permission to access records

Use the forms below to show that you're authorized to access the records of another person. Some ministries and agencies have specific authorization forms. Make sure to submit the correct form for the records you're seeking.

For children under 12:

For adults or children 12 and older:

Ask for help

Support accessing government records:

General information about government: