Aboriginal Youth

Aboriginal youth between 15 and 30 have immense potential to contribute to their communities and the Province. They are finding opportunities to be involved and to make a difference, whether by joining a youth council, attending conferences, pursuing new educational opportunities, or taking time to be with and learn from Elders.

The Province creates relationships with youth from several First Nation communities to

  • Help youth find ways to create their own opportunities
  • Initiate projects related to leadership development
  • Work with outside partners to focus on youth-identified priorities and traditional arts and culture

Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective

The Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC) is a consortium of Aboriginal youth representative bodies and organizations in British Columbia. The purpose of the UAYC is to unify the diverse groups of Aboriginal youth in B.C. to establish a common voice.

Read the Memorandum of Understanding between B.C. and the Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective (PDF, 1.5MB).

The UAYC’s objectives are to:

  • Build positive relationships among B.C. Aboriginal groups
  • Support and create opportunities to develop and enhance Aboriginal youth leadership
  • Advocate for youth representation and participation within the Province of British Columbia
  • Represent Aboriginal youth voices in a working relationship with governing bodies in areas of legislation, policy, initiatives, programs, and services
  • Increase and support capacity for the continued growth of Aboriginal youth initiatives, leadership and institutions of governance