On disability assistance

When you’re on disability assistance the amount of financial support you receive depends on the size of your family. It also depends on whether another person in your family has the Persons with Disabilities designation.

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For example, for payments issued for the August 2023 benefit month, you could get up to:

  • $1,483.50 if you are single
  • $2,423.50 if you and your spouse have Persons with Disabilities designation and have no children
  • $1,828.50 if you are a single parent with one child
  • $2,268.50 if you or your spouse have Persons with Disabilities designation and one child

Find out how much money you could receive.

Assistance in a Community Living BC residence

For payments issued for the August 2023 benefit month:

  • If you are living in a Community Living BC funded residence, you may get up to $1,483.50 per month in disability assistance
  • From your $1,483.50, you pay your Community Living BC service provider $841.13 per month for your basic living costs
    • This leaves you with up to $642.37 for personal expenses


In addition to financial support, you may be eligible for supplements to help with extra costs that people with disabilities may have.

Find out what general supplements you may be able to get through income assistance.

You must get pre-approval before you buy anything. Call 1 866 866-0800 or visit your local office to confirm:

  • Your eligibility
  • If the item or service you are requesting is eligible
  • The process for getting each benefit

Health supplement

You may be able to get money for a monthly nutritional supplement if you have a severe medical condition that causes:

  • Chronic, progressive deterioration of health
  • Symptoms of wasting

Working while on assistance

If you have a disability and receive disability assistance, you can work and earn money. Money you earn, up to a certain amount, does not affect your monthly payment.

Find out how much money you can earn annually each year with no deductions from your disability assistance payment.


WorkBC can help you explore career and job options. We’ll help you: 

  • Find out what kinds of skills you'll need for today’s job market
  • Get education and skills training
  • Support and funding for assistive adaptations
  • Gain work experience
  • Find a job
  • Create or expand your own business

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