Disability Assistance Rate Table

Effective: May 1, 2021

The asterisk indicates the most recent rate table changes
Support Rate Shelter
1 *$983.42 N/A N/A N/A $375.00
2 *$1,377.56 *$1,853.06 *$1,124.08 *$1,626.06 $570.00
3 *$1,471.56 *$1,947.06  *$1,124.08 *$1,720.06 $660.00
4 *$1,471.56 *$1,947.06  *$1,124.08 *$1,720.06 $700.00
5 *$1,471.56 *$1,947.06   *$1,124.08 *$1,720.06 $750.00
6 *$1,471.56 *$1,947.06  *$1,124.08 *$1,720.06 $785.00
7 *$1,471.56 *$1,947.06 *$1,124.08 *$1,720.06 $820.00


  • All rates are monthly.
  • An additional Transportation Supplement is provided to a person with the Persons with Disabilities designation as $52 in cash or as an in-kind bus pass.
  • In addition to the support rate, families may also receive a monthly payment for each child under 19 years of age. For more information, see Child Benefits Top-up Supplement.
  • Families of two or more that include someone on Old Age Security (OAS) are entitled to a maximum shelter rate for the family size.
  • Shelter increments continue to increase by an additional $35 for each additional dependant after unit size 7.
  • Disability assistance is paid in the month following designation. In cases where designation occurs prior to the individual's 18th birthday, payments begin in the month of the 18th birthday.
A Singles, couples, and two-parent families where one family member is a person with disabilities (PWD), and the other is not a PWD and is under 65.
B Couples and two-parent families where both adults are PWDs.
C One-parent families where the parent is a PWD.
D Couples and two-parent families where one adult is a person with disabilities, and the other adult is not a person with disabilities and is 65 or more years of age.


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