Heart Disease and Strokes

About Heart Disease

Heart disease is a major concern for many older people. There are a wide range of health conditions that can affect the heart. HealthLink BC has many pages of information on topics like coronary artery disease, heart attack and unstable angina, heart failure, and atrial fibrilation. The website also has an interactive tool to help you check your risk for heart attack.Learn more at:

About Stroke

Excerpt from HealthLink BC:

A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked or bursts. Without blood and the oxygen it carries, part of the brain starts to die. The part of the body controlled by the damaged area of the brain can't work properly.

Brain damage can begin within minutes, so it is important to know the symptoms of stroke and act fast. Quick treatment can help limit damage to the brain and increase the chance of a full recovery.

Learn more at:

Helpful Organizations and Information

Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon

The Heart and Stroke Foundation, a volunteer-based organization, leads in eliminating heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through the advancement of research and its application, the promotion of healthy living, and advocacy.

To learn about risk assessment, cholesterol, eating well and more tips for heart health and wellness, visit: