How to Enroll in Privacy Training

The training can be completed individually or as a group. 

It is recommended that training be completed individually as a self-directed on-line course however special arrangements can be made to have a group complete the training. The course is module-based and takes approximately one hour to complete.

The training is a one-time only requirement so if an individual has already completed the privacy training while working for a ministry or another service provider, and they can provide proof of completion, they do not need to retake the privacy training. Please note that the training is a requirement for all new hires.

Individual Option

  1. Register for Course at the URL you received in your communication package from the ministry in June 2016.
    1. If you did not receive a communication with the URL or if you have misplaced the URL please contact your Contract Manager to request it.
  2. Select the 'MCFD' option from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the registration screen.
  3. Complete registration screen
  4. The user ID and password will be emailed to you immediately after clicking the Register button on the Registration screen.
  5. User will receive a second email that contains the course URL
  6. Log in and complete the course
  7. Download, print and fill out the certificate of completion. File it with the appropriate records within your organization.

Group Option

The process set out below for group training must be adhered to, or group members may not be credited with completion.

  1. The person responsible for setting up the group training (the Training Administrator) will contact the Privacy, Compliance and Training (PCT) Branch within the Ministry of  Finance by emailing: and indicate they are looking to set up group contractor training.
  2. The Training Administrator will be asked to provide specifics for the group training event including a list of all staff who will participate, the date, and the location of the training.
  3. PCT will provide the Training Administrator with the logistics for enrolling and completing the group training.
  4. A certificate of completion will be provided to the Training Administrator and they will be responsible to complete, print, and provide a copy to of the certificate to each participant.