Privacy Training Requirements for Delegated Aboriginal Agencies & Their Contractors

The training requirement could apply to Delegated Aboriginal Agencies (DAAs) in three different ways:

DAA Delegation Contracts

Effective June 30, 2016 all Delegated Aboriginal Agency staff delegated under the Child, Family and Community Services Act and any staff supporting delegated work must complete the Province’s Privacy and Information Sharing Awareness course.

DAAs need to ensure that existing delegated staff and those staff supporting delegated work complete the training by September 30, 2016.

Any new staff starting after June 30, 2016 must complete the required privacy training prior to having access to any personal information.

DAA Contractors / Sub-Contractors

All contractors and service providers contracted with DAAs to provide services on behalf of the ministry, including their employees, agents, volunteers and sub- contractors, who have access to personal information, must also complete government privacy training.

DAAs are required to update their contracting templates to include this requirement by December 31, 2016. DAAs are required to ensure that their contractors are complying with this requirement.

DAA Non-Delegated Service Contracts

For DAA non-delegation service contracts, all DAA staff, including their employees, agents, volunteers and sub-contractors, who have access to Personal Information, must also complete government privacy training.  Please review privacy training for third party service providers for more detailed information.

Training Costs

The Ministry of Children and Family Development will cover the costs for delegated aboriginal agencies and their staff, contractors and subcontractors that are supporting delegated work.