Accreditation Policy

As part of quality assurance activities, it is ministry policy that:

  • Third-party accreditation will be required of all contracted service provider organizations with total annual contracts of at least $500,000 with the ministry, or with the ministry and CLBC combined
  • The ministry will identify acceptable accrediting bodies
  • Service provider organizations who fail to earn or maintain accreditation may not be eligible for funding for any additional services and may be subject to contract termination
  • The ministry will assist service provider organizations to pay for the direct costs of accreditation and may pay for other costs related to meeting accreditation standards – contractors that seek accreditation for services/programs that are not funded by the ministry or CLBC do so at their own expense

Community Living British Columbia (CLBC): CLBC has agreed to apply the ministry's accreditation policy to all of its service providers with total annual contracts of $500,000 or more.

Exceptions: Aboriginal agencies are exempt from this policy, but may participate under the same conditions as non-Aboriginal contractors.

The ministry executive responsible for accreditation must approve any other exceptions to the policy in writing.


  • The contractor, in consultation with the ministry accreditation analyst(s), will identify which accrediting body or bodies are appropriate for the specific contractor's services
  • Where the ministry has identified at least two acceptable accrediting bodies for a specific type of service, the contractor may choose which will be used
  • The ministry will receive copies of all accreditation site review/survey reports for which it has paid the costs