Analytical Laboratory

The Analytical Laboratory (lab) provides innovative, high-quality analytical chemistry support to the Natural Resource Sector on a cost recovery basis. The lab conducts routine chemical, physical, and biological tests on soil, water, and vegetation, as well as unique and highly specialized analyses to support emerging research.

Review the analyses that the lab provides:

The lab’s clients consist of scientific staff within the Provincial government, as well as Universities and other public-sector and private-sector collaborators and co-operators. The laboratory provides consultation, responds to specialized requests, and designs customized tests as required. The lab has built a long-standing reputation among its clients for quality, consistency, and accuracy.

Instrumental techniques in use at the lab include: ICP-MS and ICP-OES spectrometers for elemental and trace metal analyses; combustion elemental analyzers for total C,H,N,S and O; high-performance liquid chromatographs with multiple detectors, including mass spectrometer, for anion and organic compound analyses; gas chromatographs equipped with mass spectrometer and head space sampler for organic and gas analyses, UV-visible spectrophotometers, a TOC analyzer for dissolved organic carbon analysis; and, automated chemistry analyzers for ammonium, phosphate and nitrate analysis. The lab’s capabilities also include pressure-plate apparatus for soil water retention testing, hydrometers for soil texture determinations, and high-resolution optical scans for computerized dendrochronology measurements.

The Analytical Laboratory conducts sample preparation and a multitude of tests on several thousand samples each year. The lab has been analyzing resource sector related samples for over 30 years, and as a result can provide abundant knowledge, unique expertise and a flexible and receptive service customized to client needs.