Abbreviations Index

The following table provides a list of abbreviations commonly used in the Quarterly Environmental Enforcement Summaries and the Natural Resource Compliance and Enforcement Database.

Abbreviation Meaning BC Reg No.
AdmnPR Administrative Penalties (Environmental Management Act) Regulation 133/2014
ALC Agricultural Land Commission  
ALCA Agricultural Land Commission Act  
ALR Agricultural Land Reserve  
AMP or AP Administrative Monetary Penalty  
AN Appearance Notice  
APR Asphalt Plant Regulation 217/97
ASCR Angling and Scientific Collection Regulation 125/90
ATV All Terrain Vehicle  
AWCR Agricultural Waste Control Regulation 131/92
BRR Boating Restriction Regulations Federal
C&E Compliance and Enforcement  
CAR Closed Areas Regulation 76/84
CASR Controlled Alien Species Regulation 94/2009
CEJF Community Environmental Justice Forum  
CJF Community Justice Forum  
COPCR Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations Federal
CORE Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education  
COS Conservation Officer Service  
CSO Court Services Online  
CSR Contaminated Sites Regulation 375/96
CTA Canada Transportation Act  
dba doing business as  
DMA Dike Maintenance Act  
DWPO Dangerous Wildlife Protection Order  
EAA Environmental Assessment Act  
EAB Environmental Appeal Board  
EMA Environmental Management Act  
EMPR Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources  
ENV Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy  
EPO Environmental Protection Officer  
EVD Environmental Violations Database (now the NR C&E Database)  
FGR Fishing (General) Regulations  Federal
FLNR Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development  
ForAR Forest Act Regulations  
FRecR Forest Recreation Regulation 16/2004
FRPA Forest and Range Practices Act  
FSR Forest Service Road  
FSRUR Forest Service Road Use Regulation 70/2004
FWFR Freshwater Fish Regulation 261/83
GBTF Grizzly Bear Trust Fund  
HCTF Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation  
HLR Hunting Licensing Regulation 8/99
HSTR Hunter Safety Training Regulation 53/98
HuntR Hunting Regulation 190/84
HWR Hazardous Waste Regulation 63/88
IPMA Integrated Pest Management Act  
IPMR Integrated Pest Management Regulation 604/2004
LEH Limited Entry Hunting  
LEHR Limited Entry Hunting Regulation 134/93
MBR Migratory Bird Regulations Federal
MBSR Migratory Bird Sanctuary Regulations Federal
MU Management Unit  
MVA Motor Vehicle Act  
MVPR Motor Vehicle Prohibition Regulation 196/99
MWR Municipal Wastewater Regulation 87/2012
NR C&E Database or NRCED Natural Resource Compliance and Enforcement Database (formerly EVD)  
NRO Natural Resource Officer  
OBSCR Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation 145/93
ODSHR Ozone Depleting Substances and Other Halocarbons Regulation 387/99
OGA Oil and Gas Activities Act  
OGC BC Oil and Gas Commission  
ORA or ORVA Off-Road Vehicle Act  
ORV Off-Road Vehicle  
PAO Pollution Abatement Order  
PAPR Public Access Prohibition Regulation 187/2003
PCRAR Park, Conservancy and Recreation Area Regulation 180/90
PFR Pacific Fishery Regulations Federal
PPO Pollution Prevention Order  
PrmtR Permit Regulation 253/2000
QEES Quarterly Environmental Enforcement Summary  
QP Qualified Professional/ Qualified Person  
RcylR Recycling Regulation 449/2004
RJ Restorative Justice  
SFR Sport Fishing Regulation Federal
SRR Spill Reporting Regulation 263/90
SVR Small Vessel Regulation Federal
SWO Stop Work Order  
TMTR Timber Marking and Transportation Regulation 253/97
VT Violation Ticket  
VTAFR Violation Ticket Administration and Fines Regulation 89/97
WACAR Wildlife Act Commercial Activities Regulation 338/82
WAGR Wildlife Act General Regulation 340/82
WDR Waste Discharge Regulation 320/2004
WFA Wildfire Act  
WLA Wildlife Act  
WSA Water Sustainability Act  
WSR Water Sustainability Regulation 36/2016