Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Effective in January 2018, the C&E Policy outlines the regulatory context of the Mines and Mineral Resources Division (MMRD) and the Division's approach to C&E, which includes the use of compliance promotion and verification activities. The C&E Policy also sets out the tools available to inspectors when addressing incidents of non-compliance with the Mines Act and regulations, the Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia (Code), permit conditions and orders, as well as incidents of non-compliance with the Mineral Tenure Act, Coal Act, and regulations under these acts.

In addition to bringing MMRD’s C&E approach and tools together in one document, the C&E Policy introduces the Non-Compliance Decision Matrix (Matrix), a risk-based tool designed to assist inspectors in the consistent selection of the most appropriate C&E tool in response to potential non-compliance. The Matrix takes risk into account by requiring an assessment of the actual or potential impact of the non-compliance as well as likelihood of achieving compliance in a given situation. Inspectors consider this document and apply it when implementing C&E tools.