Environmental Compliance Reporting

The following reports and data cover the results of inspections under the Environmental Management Act (Act). The Act regulates industrial and municipal waste discharges, pollution, air quality, hazardous waste and contaminated site remediation. It provides powers and authorities for ministry staff to verify compliance, to prevent and correct detrimental environmental impacts, and to take enforcement action and respond to environmental emergencies.

Compliance Annual Inspection Reports

These annual reports are point in time compliance assessments for business operations or activities regulated by the Act.

Compliance Inspection Data

The Excel spreadsheets below list who was inspected, the address, the type of authorization under the Act and the outcome of the inspection. The regulated party column identifies who was inspected and the outcome of the inspection is listed the response code column. The response code identifies the compliance and enforcement tool issued. For an explanation of these tools please refer to the Compliance Inspection Reports above or the Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedures (PDF).

For a copy of an entire inspection report, please email EnvironmentalCompliance@gov.bc.ca. Please include the inspection number and confirm the email address(es) that will receive a copy of the requested inspection report.


Conducting audits on regulated parties is one of the methods the Ministry uses to verify compliance with the EMA and its associated regulations. They can be conducted through on-site inspections and/or by evaluating submitted data and reports.

The compliance audits have four primary objectives:

  1. To evaluate the rate of compliance with a regulatory obligation (legislation, regulation, code of practice);
  2. To determine if a sector or activity needs more detailed compliance verification;
  3. To identify compliance promotion opportunities with an industry or sector; and
  4. To provide recommendations to amend legislation, a regulation or a code of practice based on the ability to determine compliance.


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Hazardous Waste