Submit your lake monitoring field data

Field Data Submission Tool

Submit your field data online using our Field Data Submission Tool after each sampling event. The tool consists of both the Field Sampling Form and Lake Profile Form.


  • Don't forget to attach photos of the completed lab requisition and completed paper field form as a backup
  • You have to complete both the Field Sampling form and the Lake Profile form

We are currently piloting this tool for the sampling season. If you have any comments or feedback on this tool, please let us know.

Tool notes and instructions

Tips and reminders when filling out the Field Sampling form:

  • Watch a video on how to fill out the Field Sampling form
  • Submitting photos along with your sampling data is mandatory
  • Have your completed lake depth profile sheet ready to upload
  • Have your photos and lake depth profile sheet on the same device you are using to fill out the form in order to access them easily
  • Access the Field Sampling form using your web browser:
    • Optional for advanced users: you can fill out Field Sampling form on your mobile device using the ArcGIS Survey123 app (available on: Android OS or Apple iOS)
      • Once installed, visit the URL above or scan the QR code below to install the Field Sampling form
  • To fill out the form on your mobile device or on the Sampling Form Field App, scan the QR code below to visit/download the Field Sampling form:

QR code to Field Sampling Form

Tips and reminders when filling out the Lake Profile form:

QR code link to Lake Profile form


The Field Data Submission Tool utilizes the ArcGIS Survey123 platform provided by the B.C. MapHub and the Common Hosted Forms platform hosted by the Province.

Email your field data

Alternatively, you can submit photos of the completed lab requisition and field data by email to following each sampling event.

If data submission is completed this way, field data will also need to be entered using our standardized digital format files below and submitted within 30 days of the final sampling event for the season. Microsoft Excel is recommended to view and edit the files below.