Recovery planning

The recovery planning process creates a plan of action for species and ecosystems at risk that will help stop or reverse the decline and remove any threats to long-term survival.

Provincial and federal governments collaborate on recovery planning. The following create the framework within which Canada and B.C. can ensure a co-ordinated and focused approach to the delivery of species at risk recovery. 

The recovery planning process involves the development of one or more planning documents. Recovery documents summarize the best scientific information and traditional knowledge available. The documents provide advice that can be used by government and others to provide a well-defined, logical, and coordinated approach to work towards the conservation and recovery of a species or ecosystem.

Types of recovery documents 

A British Columbia led document developed for a species or ecosystem in B.C. that has been designated as extirpated, endangered, or threatened. It includes an outline of the recovery and survival habitat needed to meet the goal and objectives as well as information to guide implementation of recommended actions.

A British Columbia led document developed for species or ecosystems assessed as special concern in B.C. It outlines the coordinated conservation activities and land use measures needed to ensure, at a minimum, that a species or ecosystem does not become threatened or endangered.

Once a Recovery Plan has been published, an Implementation Plan may follow, that outlines the provincial government's response to providing for the recovery of that species. These documents are most often produced where there are significant social-economic, or cultural implications to be considered (with protecting, or not protecting).


Recovery documents include:

  • Information on a species or ecosystem
  • Habitat and biological needs
  • Threats to the species (why it is at risk)
  • Goals and objectives for recovery
  • Recommended recovery actions (to mitigate identified threats)

All published species at risk recovery documents are available here: List of recovery documents

Responsible leads for different groups of species