Species and Ecosystems at Risk Local Government Working Group

The Species and Ecosystems at Risk Local Government Working Group is a collection of municipal, regional and provincial government workers who are interested in:

  • Joining conservation efforts to protect plants and animals and their habitats
  • Facilitating discussions across sectors about species and ecosystem protection
  • Collaborating on species and ecosystems issues

Since its formation in 2009, the group has been working together to find ways to protect species and ecosystems at risk on private and local government lands. Membership now includes about 90 local governments.

Read the terms of reference:

Discussion paper: The group collaborates and builds on existing work already underway with conservation programs, land trusts and other environmental stewardship organizations and makes recommendations for the following strategies:

  • Increase local government awareness of species at risk
  • Facilitate use of effective tools and techniques
  • Identify and collaborate on shared responsibilities
  • Conduct ecosystem mapping and encourage data sharing
  • Engage landowners in species at risk habitat protection

Read the discussion paper and workshop notes to learn more:

Workshops: Sessions are planned by the group, depending on availability and interest.

Review notes from some past workshops: