Fish Passage Habitat Confirmation projects

Last updated on March 30, 2022


The first step in the Habitat Confirmation process is to perform a re-assessment on any stream crossings that have been identified as candidates for the Habitat Confirmation stage. This is carried out in the same way as a regular (first time) assessment, using the MS Excel template (XLS). Having submitted the re-assessment data through the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF), wait until the next day to allow them to get loaded into the PSCIS.

Only culverts that have a FAILING score should be included on re-assessment spreadsheets and subsequently loaded into PSCIS. If you do happen to find a crossing that is no longer a barrier during your re-assessment project, please enter it into PSCIS under a different project submission.

Habitat Confirmation

Once your re-assessment records are available in PSCIS you will be able to call them up in the Habitat Confirmation web interface and you can then add the habitat confirmation data for each stream crossing.

To create a new Habitat Confirmation project, find an Assessment project on the New Habitat Confirmation Projects page and click the Start Habitat Confirmation button next to it.

To continue working on an existing Habitat Confirmation project, select one from the My Projects page.

Follow the instructions (PDF, 2.5MB) on how to carry out re-assessments and Habitat Confirmations.

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