Plot specific photos

Images of plots within the coastal temperate rainforest along the west coast of North America.

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Carmanah floodplain (CAF) photographs and spatial files


Carmanah floodplain photograph

(A) Understory vegetation and (B) coarse woody debris and snags in the Carmanah Floodplain (CAF) plot. 

Spatial files

Carmanah Floodplain Spatial File

Carmanah Floodplain 2007 G.I.S. Spatial File.  

Carmanah Flooodplain Orthophoto

Carmanah Flooodplain Orthophoto. 


Clayoquot Riparian (CLF) plot photoraphs and spatial files.


Clayoquot Riparian (CLF) plot image

Understory vegetation and elevated trees at the Clayoquot Riparian (CLF) plot. 

Clayoquot Riparian (CLF) plot image

Tagged coarse woody debris at the Clayoquot Riparian (CLF) plot. 

Spatial files

Clayoquot Riparian Spatial File

Clayoquot Riparian 2009 G.I.S. Spatial File. 

Clayoquot Riparian Orthophoto

Clayoquot Riparian Orthophoto. 


Kitlope Floodplain and Douglas Fir plots photographs and spatial files. 

Kitlope Floodplain spatial files

Kitlope Floodplain Spatial File

Kitlope Floodplain 2008 G.I.S. Spatial File. 

Kitlope Floodplain Orthophoto

Kitlope Floodplain Orthophoto. 

 Kitlope Douglas Fir photographs

The Kitlope Upland (KIU) plot images

(A) heading up the escarpment to the plot, about 350 m above the Kitlope River; (B) the crew mapping tree locations and characteristics; and (c) an understory vegetation plot

Kitlope Douglas Fir spatial files

Kitlope Doug-fir 2008 G.I.S. Spatial File

Kitlope Doug-fir 2008 G.I.S. Spatial File.

Kitlope Doug-fir Riparian Orthophoto

Kitlope Doug-fir Riparian Orthophoto.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim photographs and spatial files. 


Pacific Rim Photos

The crew taking a break in the Pacific Rim Upland (PRU) plot. 

Spatial files

Pacific Rim Spatial file image

Pacific Rim Upland 2007 G.I.S. Spatial File. Click image to expand. 

Pacific Rim Upland Orthophoto

Pacific Rim Upland Orthophoto. 


Tahsish-Kwois floodplain and upland spatial files. 

Tahsish-Kwois floodplain

Tahsish-Kwois Floodplain Spatial File

Tahsish-Kwois Floodplain 1992 G.I.S. Spatial File. 

Tahsish-Kwois Floodplain Orthophoto

Tahsish-Kwois Floodplain Orthophoto.

 Tahsish-Kwois upland spatial files

Tahsish-Kwois Upland Spatial File

Tahsish-Kwois Upland 1992 G.I.S. Spatial File.

Tahsish-Kwois Upland Orthophoto

Tahsish-Kwois Upland Orthophoto.