Ceremonial Unit

Inaugurated in 2003, the Ceremonial Unit was created to render honours, preserve tradition, inspire esprit-de-corps and enhance the agency’s recognition within government, the law enforcement community and the general public.

Comprised of twenty Conservation Officers from all ranks, members of the unit are strictly volunteers. Officers commit to a minimum of two years with the Ceremonial Unit and it is their civic-minded spirit and consistent hard work that ensures its ongoing value.

Members of the unit wear a distinctive dress uniform which consists of: a dark blue tunic; a black “Sam Browne” leather belt and cross strap or ceremonial belt; white lanyard; unique shoulder titles; white dress shirt; dark blue maple leaf braid uniform pants; black parade boots; black leather gloves and a traditional, dark blue Stetson hat.

As ambassadors for the Conservation Officer Service, the Ceremonial Unit represents the agency on those occasions requiring a special, formalized presence, including:

  • Remembrance Day Services
  • Police and Peace Officer Memorial Services
  • Funeral services for past members of the Conservation Officer Service
  • Various civic ceremonies and special events