Awards & Recognition

The purpose of the ongoing Conservation Officer Service Awards and Recognition Program is to extend official recognition to Conservation Officers who perform heroic acts or meritorious service in support of the Conservation Officer Service.  It is also intended to provide public awareness of the positive efforts and actions of officers.

The Conservation Officer Service recognizes staff with the following awards and recognition:

The Conservation Officer of the year award has been presented annually since 1992 to recognize and honour a Conservation Officer (or officers) who have demonstrated an exceptional level of service and commitment to the people of British Columbia, bringing credit to the Conservation Officer Service and to the ministry.

This is the highest award for a Conservation Officer.  It is given to an officer who performs a heroic act and involves an act of exceptional Valour in the face of extreme hazard. It is awarded to police officers who purposely took action for the benefit of others while knowing that, in doing so, they placed themselves at substantial risk of death or serious injury.  Nominations for other individuals will be considered if their actions were directly related to assistance to a Conservation Officer. 

This award is given for any act at any time which saves the life of another person.  Nominations for other individuals will be considered if their actions were directly related to assistance to a Conservation Officer.

This commendation is given for demonstrating outstanding skill, judgment or dedication, demonstrating a high standard of Conservation Officer conduct or humanitarianism, diligent and sustained effort (significantly exceeding normal) or developing a method or program with substantial effect.

The Award of Merit is given for developing new work processes, improved communications, special cases, new and meaningful initiatives, dollar saving initiatives, new investigative techniques, outstanding community service, substantial savings in organizational costs or anything else is significant that should be recognized.

This award recognizes any Conservation Officer or other individual or organization that have performed an important service to the Conservation Officer Service and or supported the Conservation Officer Service in its mandate.

The Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal (POESM), part of the Canadian Honours System, was established to recognize persons who work in high-risk professions and demonstrate their dedication to preserving public safety through long and outstanding service, characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency.