First Nations in Treaty Process

A fundamental goal of a modern treaty is to achieve certainty and facilitate strong and workable relationships between First Nations and other governments including federal, provincial and local governments.

Treaties bring certainty with respect to a First Nation’s rights to use, own and manage lands and resources throughout its claimed traditional territory, as well as provide the treaty First Nation with modern governance tools to develop sustainable, healthy and resilient communities. When ownership and use of lands and resources is clear, there is increased predictability for continued development and growth in the province.

In British Columbia, modern treaties are negotiated within the British Columbia Treaty Commission (BCTC) six-stage process. One modern-day treaty has been negotiated outside the BCTC process and is in effect:

The following treaties were negotiated in accordance with BCTC process:.

In ratification:

For up-to-date information on other First Nations participating in the treaty process please see the BCTC Negotiations Update web page.