Water Science Series

The Water Science Series is a technical publication focusing on scientific reports that relate to the understanding and management of B.C.’s water resources. The series communicates scientific knowledge gained through water science programs across B.C. government, as well as scientific partners working in collaboration with provincial staff.

The Water Science Series was developed by the B.C. Ministry of Environment, Water Protection and Sustainability Branch as a water focused technical publication for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations and the Ministry of Environment. 

For more information about how to get a report published in the Water Science Series, please email: Groundwater@gov.bc.ca.

Publications 2017:

WSS 2017-01:  Preliminary Groundwater Budgets, Cobble Hill / Mill Bay Area, Vancouver Island, B.C.  

WSS 2017-02:  Assessment of Aquifer-Stream Connectivity Related to Groundwater Abstraction in the Lower Fraser Valley: Phase 1 Field Investigation. 

WSS 2017-04:  Assessment of Aquifer-Stream Connectivity Related to Groundwater Abstraction in the Lower Fraser Valley: Stream vulnerability mapping

Publications 2016:

WSS 2016-01. Determining the Likelihood of Hydraulic Connection - Guidance for Determining the Effect of Diversion of Groundwater on Specific Streams.    

WSS 2016-02. Screening Tool for Guiding Short-Term Groundwater Curtailment during Water Scarcity

WSS 2016-03. Monthly Water Budget for the Similkameen Valley Aquifer, British Columbia.

WSS 2016-04. Hydrostratigraphic, Hydraulic and Hydrogeochemical Descriptions of Dawson Creek-Groundbirch Areas, Northeast BC

WSS2016-05.  Groundwater Quality Survey of Aquifers in South Wellington, Cassidy and North Oyster, Vancouver Island

WSS 2016-06. Monthly Groundwater Budget for the Hopington Aquifer – Salmon River Area, BC

WSS 2016-07. Monthly Water Budgets for Aquifers in the Oliver, B.C. Area (Aquifers 254, 255 and 256).

WSS 2016-08. Guidance for Technical Assessment Requirements in Support of an Application for Groundwater Use in British Columbia.

WSS 2016-09. Modelling Tools for Estimating Effects of Groundwater Pumping on Surface Waters

WSS 2016-10. Monthly Groundwater Budget for the Aquifers in the Kelowna BC Area