Algae Watch Observation Map

The Algae Watch Observations interactive map provides access to algae bloom observations submitted by citizen scientists throughout the province. The information collected will help us understand algae bloom occurrences in B.C.

Access the Algae Watch Observation interactive map. 

Algae Watch Observations interactive map screenshot

Map information disclaimer

  • the information posted is unverified and insufficient alone to determine whether the potential algae bloom is a risk to human or animal health.
  • note the day and time of each observation as enough time may have passed for the waterbodies to be deemed safe to enter or recreate in.
  • when in doubt, check with your local health authority for updates related to beach closures and recreational notices


  • The Algae Watch team reviews all information submitted and results posted are condensed versions of the original submissions
  • Observations will be available on this map for a calendar year, after which they will be archived and available upon request