Algal blooms photo gallery

Below are photos of algal blooms that have occurred throughout the province.

Die off of Anabaena bloom, Wood Lake 2021Die off of Anabaena bloom, Wood Lake 2021
(SCIENCE NOTE: See a microscopic photo of this algae)

Algae on Sandy Beach, Vernon, July 2017Algae on Sandy Beach, Vernon (July 2017)

Algal bloom on farm pond, Barrier BC August 2017Algal bloom on farm pond, Barrier (August 2017)

Helicopter view of Nulki Lake (July 2019)Helicopter view of Nulki Lake (July 2019)

 Shuswap Lake (2020) Shuswap Lake (2020)

Algal Bloom on Nicola Lake July 2015Algal Bloom on Nicola Lake (July 2015)

Loon Lake (2020)Loon Lake (2020)

Tunkwa Lake (2017)Tunkwa Lake (2017)

Ochromonas bloom Mara Lake (May 2010)Ochromonas bloom, Mara Lake (May 2010)

Pierres Pt (July 27, 2020)Pierres Pt (July 27, 2020)

Algae on Mamit LakeAlgae on Mamit Lake

Quamichan Lake (late August, 2016)Quamichan Lake (late August, 2016)


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All images are from Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy staff files.