Mitigation Measures

Mitigation measures are necessary when water use or changes in and about a stream are likely to have a significant negative impact on the water quality, water quantity or aquatic ecosystem of a stream or aquifer.

You may be required to propose mitigation measures along with your application for a water licence, use approval or change approval to address any harmful effects of the proposed work.

Other Locations

When the negative impact can't be fully mitigated at the site of the stream change or water diversion, improvements to another location on the same stream may be considered. In addition, the terms and conditions of an authorization may require you to perform mitigation on a different stream or aquifer than the one authorized by your licence or approval.

Sensitive Streams

Mitigation measures are required for all licence or approval applications made on designated sensitive streams. Applications on sensitive streams are not granted unless the applicant can demonstrate that

  • The adverse impact will be insignificant, or
  • Proposed mitigation measures will ensure that the adverse impact is insignificant, or
  • Additional or alternative mitigation measures will enhance an aquatic ecosystem elsewhere to fully compensate for the significant adverse impact, and
  • Implementation of the mitigation measures is made part of the terms and conditions of the authorization.

Aquifers connected to sensitive streams

Applications on aquifers connected to sensitive streams are treated as applications on sensitive streams, with the same requirements and conditions for mitigation.

Refusal of an application on a sensitive stream

Despite adequate mitigation measures, an application on a sensitive stream or an aquifer connected to a sensitve stream may be denied if there is a reasonable alternative source of water available.