B.C. Dam Safety Self Directed Learning

small dam


This course is designed to assist dam owners, water license users, and similar stakeholders to better understand dam safety basics in British Columbia.

Within the province, there are a large amount of earth-fill embankment dams that are owned and operated by various individuals. Without due diligence from dam owners, these dams pose a substantial safety hazard towards the public and to the environment.

Completing this course will provide a general understanding of the dam safety program in British Columbia, basic concepts in dam safety, and broad knowledge of the field.

Navigating the Course

There are 5 core modules to the course. Click on the module buttons in Course Content, located at the bottom of each module to further access the learning material in the next module. You may also navigate to specific modules using the page contents to the left. Although it is recommended that you visit each module chronologically, you may visit them separately at your own pace.

If you have any questions or issues with the modules, you may contact our program for assistance.

Course learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of dam safety in BC and around the world
  • Understand and be able to define basic terminology used in dam safety
  • Identify and recognize common deficiencies and problems associated with your dam
  • Have a basic overview of the dam safety regulations as well as the requirements for dam owners in BC
  • Have an idea of key contacts who can assist you in maintaining, inspecting, operating, and managing a dam
  • Be mindful of available resources and other helpful organizations regarding dam safety


By engaging in any module learning content, you agree to the following statement:

Participating and/or completing this course in no way qualifies any individual as a professional dam safety inspector, operator, engineer, or any similar role. This course does not substitute or replace formal training for any related subjects in dam safety, for any organizational group. The content provided only acts as supplementary learning, and is intended to outline basic knowledge of dam safety concepts.


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