Partners in emergency prevention

Inter-agency collaboration is necessary to effectively prepare for and respond to an environmental emergency such as a major oil spill. Partnerships enable spill response agencies to share knowledge and resources, allowing for greater preparedness.

Environmental emergency partnerships

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy participates in various partnerships to increase the Province’s spill prevention and response capacity.

Pacific states/B.C. oil spill task force

The focus of the Pacific States – B.C. Oil Spill Task Force is on fostering regulatory consistency, sharing information and resources, and coordinating the development and implementation of new policies and programs to reduce the risk and impact of marine oil spills. Members of the task force include B.C., Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. Formed after the Nestucca and Exxon Valdez spills highlighted concerns shared by neighbouring jurisdictions, the task force encourages cooperation across borders.

West coast marine oil spill reporting (1-800-OILS-911) 

The “Spills aren’t Slick” campaign is a joint effort by B.C., Washington, Oregon and California to provide a single reporting number for spills on the Pacific West Coast. The purpose of this single reporting number is to increase the number of spills that are reported through international collaboration.