Business Retention and Expansion follow up

Your community can further strengthen the connections with local businesses through a number of BRE follow up activities. These activities encourage open communication and will assist you in proactively identifying issues within the business community, while also providing you with insight and direction to develop solutions.

Here are a few examples of BRE activities to consider:

  • Schedule periodic business seminars to which business leaders are invited and, occasionally, featured as  speakers to enhance networking opportunities and community awareness
  • Hold business appreciation events such as seasonal receptions or luncheon events with featured speakers to demonstrate the importance of local businesses to the community
  • Feature local businesses in overall community marketing and promotional activities, if appropriate, to demonstrate that the community supports its local businesses
  • Convene occasional business roundtables to strengthen the dialogue and relationships between businesses and government
  • Connect local suppliers and businesses within the community to reduce economic leakages and develop a stronger overall business community
  • Encourage key business representatives from within your community to participate in the local or regional Economic Development Committee or Board, if applicable.  Representation from the business community provides for a number of excellent opportunities including networking, information sharing, enhanced expertise, etc.  If no formal economic development structure exists, it may still be beneficial to encourage local business operators to participate in and promote community economic development efforts.   

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