Business Retention and Expansion follow up

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) follow-up activities benefit communities and local businesses. They strengthen connections with your business community and encourage open communication. Follow-up activities are important to ensure you understand the changing challenges and opportunities that your local businesses are facing. This will help you keep your BRE action plan up-to-date and effective.

BRE follow-up activities include:

Business Speaker Socials

Business speaker socials provide learning and networking opportunities for businesses. Invite business owners, local leaders and have featured speakers on relevant topics.

Business Appreciation Events

These events can help show the importance of local businesses to the community. Seasonal receptions, awards and speakers can all help show appreciation for your business community.

Local Businesses Features

Featuring local businesses in community marketing and promotional activities helps businesses know they are a key part of how you present your community to others.

Business Roundtables

Having regular dialogue between businesses and government helps businesses build strong relationships with local elected officials.

Connect Local Suppliers and Businesses

Helping local businesses do more business locally helps build a strong community and adds value to your existing businesses.

Encourage Local Businesses Take Part

Encourage businesses to:

  • Get involved in their local/regional Economic Development Committee 
  • Consider informal ways to promote local economic development if there is no formal Economic Development Committee

Let businesses know that these activities help them individually and help overall community economic development.

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