A municipal council or a regional district board may decide to establish a commission to provide advice or undertake some work on behalf of the board or council. 


Commissions are generally used when the council or a regional district board does not have the capacity to undertake an initiative directly, or feels a delegated body could deliver the service more effectively. Economic development is one of those cases where subject matter experts are required or where specific community involvement is warranted. The commission provides the opportunity for wide spread input from the community, stakeholders and examples at large through representation on the board. The commission has the ability to operate at "arms-length" from the council or regional district board.


The council or regional district board can delegate some of its authority to the commission within limits established by legislation. The commission cannot exercise authority to make a bylaw or any power or duty exercisable only by bylaw. Also it cannot delegate its responsibilities to another body or person unless authorized.

How to Proceed

Regional District Committees and Commissions is the place to start with your commission model.