Strategies for Getting Attention

Getting attention from potential investors involves careful planning.  Your marketing plan should include strategies and tactics to help you get attention and successfully attract a new business.  Targeted marketing, partnership marketing and marketing materials can help you succeed.

Targeted Marketing

A focused approach can help your community get attention from the right businesses. There are five steps to target your marketing to specific businesses:​

  1. Based on the type of development identified in your official community plan, generate a list of industries that could be a positive addition to your community.
  2. Analyze the characteristics of each industry and assess their compatibility with your community's attributes.
  3. Once you have identified compatible industries, develop a shortlist of businesses to focus your marketing activities on.
  4. Prioritize businesses that appear to have potential for growth, expansion and/or relocation.
  5. Reach out to businesses and maintain relationships.

Attending trade shows, requesting referrals from businesses within your community and advertising are also effective ways to target businesses within a specific sector.

Partnership Marketing

When developing your marketing plan, consider partnering with neighbouring communities. Partnership marketing has many benefits, including:

Sharing marketing costs

Partnership marketing is an effective way to share the costs of developing and delivering marketing initiatives. For example, attending a trade show to promote your community and its land development potential involves

  • Exhibitor application fees
  • Travel costs
  • Booth/display costs

Some of these costs can be shared when communities partner to market the region as a whole.

Promoting a regional brand

More and more, communities are recognizing the value of place branding.  For small communities, partnering with neighbouring communities to promote a regional brand can help put you on the map.

Highlighting regional assets

Your site selector and community profile may not fully reveal your community’s full potential.  Partnering with neighbouring communities allows you to promote regional assets, such as your workforce and infrastructure.

Marketing Materials

Remember, site selection consultants have specific information requirements.  As you develop your marketing plan, make sure you plan ways to collect the data, success stories, maps, photos and other content you need for your land marketing materials.

Use the land marketing brochure template to design effective land marketing materials.