Community Website

A professional and informative website is a sound investment in your community’s land marketing strategy.  This is particularly important during the first stage of the site selection process.   

There are a number of simple ways to improve your website design and content:

1. Add Economic Development to Your Navigation Bar

Adding an Economic Development topic area to your website’s navigation bar helps site selection consultants and potential business owners easily find the information they need. 

2. Include Relevant Content

In addition to the contents noted in the Community Economic Development Information Package, ensure your website also includes helpful land-related information, such as

3. Display Contact Information in a Prominent Location

Make it easy for interested individuals to call or email your designated community contact.  You can do this by displaying contact information of staff members who can answer questions, such as the chief administrative officer or economic development officer.

Don’t forget to include a way to contact your planning department for questions about your development approval process or other planning-related questions

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