Information Requirements for Site Selection

Site selection information requirements go beyond data and site selector profiles. A community profile, land inventory and land marketing brochures can help you respond rapidly and professionally to requests for information about available land parcels.

Site Selector Profile

A site selector profile provides standardized statistical information about your community’s features. If you are looking to develop land parcels in your community, make sure your website includes a site selector profile. Your site selector profile provides potential investors with critical information during the early stages of the site selection process.

Community Profile

Unlike site selector profiles, which are standardized and data-driven, community profiles offer choices in terms of how you present and market your community and its economy, amenities and lifestyle.

Your community profile is intended to increase understanding and knowledge about your community and provide persuasive reasons to support land development and attract investment. To make a powerful first impression, combine qualitative information with quantitative data. Success stories, quotes and photos create a compelling business case.

Land Inventory

Land inventories can be presented in a variety of ways, ranging from simple PDF files to interactive GIS platforms. Your land inventory provides details about land parcels suitable for industrial, commercial and residential development. To increase awareness about privately-owned land and buildings for sale or lease, include links to local real estate databases.

Land Marketing Brochures

Land marketing brochures include inspiring and factual information, encouraging the reader to find out more about your community. An engaging headline, photos, maps and other inspiring elements help promote your land development opportunity.

When designing a land marketing brochure, aim for a document that is no longer than one page. You can use land marketing brochures on your website, on real estate sites and as handouts at trade shows or events.

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