Security worker licence

Last updated on January 3, 2024

You need a security worker licence to do security work in B.C. If you have a licence from another province, you still need a B.C. licence to work here. 

You may not need a licence if you are an out-of-province private investigator.

Apply for a licence

Learn how to apply for a security worker licence, how much it costs and how long it takes. Before you apply, make sure you have the right training for the job you want to work in.


Renew your licence

How to renew your licence depends on whether it's already expired or still current.

Renew expired licence Renew current licence

Manage your licence

You must report changes to your information and replace your licence if it gets lost or stolen. You can also apply to change the type of security work you can do. This includes authorizations to use dogs or restraints.


Learn about your licence conditions, how enforcement works and how to make a complaint.