Security Worker Licence

Important Notice

Security Worker Licence Renewal Applicants: Due to delays in processing a large number of renewal applications, the Registrar of Security Services is temporarily extending, by two months, all valid one-year and two-year term security worker licences expiring between the months of October and December 2018 (inclusive).

As the maximum term for a security worker licence is three years, no further term extension is possible for renewal applicants holding a three-year licence. Pending renewal applications for holders of three-year security worker licences are being processed on a priority basis. All other applications will still be processed in date order received.

Temporary Extension Letter

Under British Columbia’s Security Services Act, you cannot perform security work or represent yourself as a security worker without a valid security worker licence. There are requirements you must meet before applying for a security worker licence and conditions you must keep once you have been issued a licence. The Registrar, Security Services receives licence applications, issues licences, and manages enforcement and compliance.