Pill press authentication process for businesses

Business Authentication

The Registrar requires businesses to be authenticated before accessing the Pill Press Online Registry. A business may operate under a variety of business legal structures including: sole proprietorship, partnership, private or public corporation, and society.

BCeID is the method used to authenticate businesses that are registering their Controlled Equipment. This ensures that all businesses interacting with the Pill Press Online Registry have been independently verified and authenticated by the government. BCeID is a credential comprised of a username and a password that enables a business to securely access multiple online government services.

Before a business may register its inventory of Controlled Equipment in the Pill Press Online Registry, the business must have a valid Business BCeID. More information related to BCeID is available at https://www.bceid.ca/ . Persons who do not qualify for a Business BCeID must contact PillPressLicensing@gov.bc.ca to obtain further instructions on how to register their Controlled Equipment.