Running a business

Your business is up and running.  The following resources will help keep it running smoothly and when you're ready, some resources for growing your business are available to assist.

Day-to-Day Operations

Setting goals and successfully managing the ups and downs of daily operations is what constitutes the backbone of any business. This information can help you manage your finances, your operationsyour supply chainyour risks, and more.

Tax Matters

File Annual Reports

Make Changes to Registered Information

Learn how to update information for a:

Permits, Licences and Registrations

In addition to updating your registered information with the Corporate Registry when there has been a change to your business or organization, don’t forget to check your permits and licences are up to date as well.

Protect Personal Information

Your organization is legally obligated to protect any personal information that you collect, use or disclose, whether the information is about your customers, your employees or others.

Business Growth Ideas

Are you ready to look at growing your business?  These resources will assist in determining how and when.