Bulletin 23-06: Outdoor sampling areas for manufacturers

Issue date: June 29, 2023

Who's impacted

This change applies to the following licences: 

  • Manufacturer licensees 

What's changing

Section 71 of the Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation (LCLR) is amended to allow manufacturers to apply to permanently license an outdoor sampling area. This includes those under a Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA), provided it is not an extension of a lounge or special event area (SEA). See the Liquor Policy Manual for detailed outdoor sampling area licensing requirements.

This change also streamlines the application process. 

Helpful information

Manufacturers can have outdoor sampling areas without the:

  • Annual fees for a lounge or SEA endorsement
  • Limitations of a picnic area endorsement (i.e., no liquor service)

To apply for an outdoor sampling area, submit a "Structural change to a production or storage area, sampling area, or on-site store" application in the liquor and cannabis licensing portal (formerly called "Facility Structural Change Application." 

Do not apply for a structural change if you want to extend an approved lounge or SEA endorsement outdoors. This is only possible through a “new outdoor patio application” for an approved lounge or SEA endorsement. Local governments and First Nations (LG/FN) must review outdoor service areas (i.e., patios) that are connected to a lounge or SEA.

If you no longer need an endorsement application and it is not yet approved, email LCRBLiquor@gov.bc.ca for assistance. 

If you no longer want an endorsement to serve samples outdoors, apply for a structural change application for an outdoor sampling area. In the application, note that you wish to cancel an endorsement (i.e., lounge). Application and renewal fees are non-refundable. 

To continue serving liquor without disruption, note that the outdoor sampling area can only be operated once the structural change application has been approved. Until that time, the endorsement can be used as normal. 

A structural change application for an outdoor sampling area costs a one-time fee of $440. Over the long term, you will save the annual renewal fees of $330 for a lounge endorsement or $110 for a special event area endorsement.

For questions about structural changes, email LCRBStructural@gov.bc.ca


Document history

Bulletin 23-07 replaces the instructions licensees received with the policy directive 22-01 announcement to apply for a picnic area or lounge patio to license an outdoor sampling area.

Approved TESAs have been extended to December 31, 2024. 


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