Doing Business with the Government

As of December 13, 2021, all contractor and subcontractor personnel entering a BC government workplace for the provision of services under a government contract while employees are present must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved for use in Canada. Read the vaccination Notice to Contractors for more information.

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The BC Bid Resources web pages will be replaced in January 2022 by a new website with a new name: BC Procurement Resources. Bookmarks will need to be updated at that time.

Welcome to the B.C. government’s corporate resource for vendors who want to sell or are currently selling goods, services and construction to the Province. In this site, vendors will find a wide variety of information on how the Province engages the marketplace and manages the contracting process, such as:

  • BC Bid: A marketplace where public sector organizations (including local governments, school boards, health authorities, Crown corporations and the B.C. government) advertise procurement opportunities for a wide range of goods, services and construction.
  • Respond to Opportunities: What vendors should consider when making the decision whether or not to respond to an opportunity, what to expect when participating in a competitive solicitation, how to write submissions, and how to get feedback on the evaluation of submissions.
  • First Time Responding: Guidance specifically written for vendors who have never responded to a competitive solicitation process before.
  • Learning and Supports: Information, training and upcoming events that can help vendors navigate the procurement process and learn about the various types of funding that the Province offers.
  • Contract Award: What vendors can expect when signing a contract with the Province.
  • Once the Contract is Signed (coming soon): Learn about the policies and practices that apply to provincial contracts and how to maintain a positive relationship with the Province for the duration of the contract.
  • Vendor Concerns & Complaints: Discover what vendors can do if they don’t agree with a decision that the Province has made about a contract or contract award, as well as how to provide feedback to improve the Province’s practices and relationships with vendors.





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