Supporting Inclusive and Responsive Learning Environments Video Series

Last updated on May 21, 2024

We collaborated with Shelley Moore to develop a series of instructional videos to support inclusive and responsive learning environments. There will be a total of 9 episodes posted throughout the 2018/19 school year that will provide practical strategies of effective design and teaching practices.

Introduction to Inclusive Education

We partnered with published author and inclusive education thought leader Shelley Moore to create a series of short videos designed to support educators in a diverse learning environment. Videos provide practical strategies of effective design and teaching practices to meet the needs of all learners.



Episode 1 - Evolution of Inclusion

Shelley Moore talks about the shift from Integration to Inclusion in schools.


Ep 1

Episode 2 - Don’t Should on Me: Growth Mindset for Educators

How would your classroom or school change if all we did was take out the “should!” What if we change our question from “Where should you be? What's wrong with you?” to “Where are you now, and what is your next step?”


Ep 2

Episode 3 - The End of Average?

This video discusses the notion of average in relation to education. It encourages teachers to think of curriculum as dimensional, something that can be adjusted to meet the needs of students.


Ep 3

Episode 4: Inclusion 2.0: Teaching to Diversity

Shelley explores why inclusion may cause tension within schools. Retrofitting lessons developed for the 'average learner' is a lot of work. Instead, Shelley addresses planning and teaching to the diversity of the students in the classroom. Teaching to Diversity is not more work but it is different work.


Ep 4

Episode 5: Compost Kate Saves the Planet: The Infrastructure of Inclusion

What do we need to move our inclusion efforts forward? This Five Moore Minutes video uses a recycling metaphor to highlight our advocacy efforts. Are we just asking for more people, OR are we asking for the structural supports to make inclusion the easier choice to make?


Ep 5

Episode 6: Decriminalizing Support

We all use supports every day, they are very much a part of the real world! How can we decriminalize supports in the classroom, school and community?


Ep 6

Episode 7: Curriculum Dreamin’

During this episode, Shelley reminds viewers of the importance of backwards design; knowing your end goal and recognizing there are multiple pathways to achieving that goal. 


Ep 7

Episode 8: See Ya Later S.M.A.R.T. Goals ​

In this video, Shelley discusses goal setting strategies to capture students’ progress and growth.


Ep 8

Episode 9: United: Inclusion as Unity ​

For this final instalment of the series, Shelley wraps up the year’s conversations, questions and strategies and challenges viewers to a call to action: How can we act to make inclusion better?


Ep 9