Pay the Application Fee

Application fees are non-refundable. Pay using a credit card when you submit your application in Your Account. Applications cannot be processed until the fee is paid.

Application fees for Certificates of Qualification are based on where you took your teacher education program:

  • At a B.C. or Canadian university: $245
  • Outside of Canada: $395

The application fee for an Independent School Teaching Certificate is $245.

Annual Practice Fee

Your annual practice fee must be paid by May 31 to maintain a valid B.C. teaching certificate. The annual fee is $80.

Once you are eligible for certification, you will be notified by email to pay your annual practice fee using Your Account. Your certificate will not be sent to you until you pay this fee. Your fee is prorated during your first year, depending on when you become a certified teacher:

  • June 1 - November 30: $80
  • December 1 - March 31: $40
  • April 1 - May 31: $120 (includes a $40 pro-rated fee for the rest of the school year, plus the full $80 annual fee for the following school year)

Other Fees

The application fee for a Letter of Permission is $200.

You may need to pay other fees to complete your application – for example, you might need to pay to have documents translated or to take a language proficiency test.