External sport credentials program

Last updated: July 01, 2022

Learn more about the sport programs that qualify for credit towards graduation and check out the documentation required:

If you’d like to use the External Sport Credentials Program as credit towards graduation, here are few things to remember:

  • External Sport Credentials are elective credits and cannot be used to substitute for required courses such as Physical Health and Education 10.
  • Once a student has received credit for a particular level within the athlete, official or coach categories they cannot receive additional credits for duplicate participation. For example, an athlete who has earned credits for Athlete 12 by being selected and competing on a provincial team cannot receive an additional 4 credits for Athlete 12 if they have progressed and been selected and competed on a national team. A student can only receive credit for Athlete 12 once. As well, you cannot receive additional credit for the same category level if you have met the standards and criteria in more than one sport.
  • High school, community and club sport programs are not eligible for external credit because they don't meet organizational eligibility standards and minimum high performance sport criteria.

Getting Credit

Students seeking credits for a sport course or program are required to present specific documentation as proof of participation or completion. All letters and certificates must:

  • Be on official letterhead (either from the provincial sport organization or the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport)
  • Include the student's name, sport program, category and level of credit

More information is provided in the 'Getting Credit' section for each program area: