Recognized Official Programs

Getting Credit

To qualify for credit towards graduation, students in a recognized official program must complete:

  • A theory component
  • An exam (written or oral)
  • Practical officiating experience (that is evaluated and signed by an authorized organization or club representative)

Once all program criteria are met, students can submit completion documents to their provincial sport organization for review. The provincial sport organization will issue a verification letter to use for graduation credit.

  • UXSO 10 (2 credits): Theory course, examination, evaluation and 25 hours of practical officiating.
  • UXSO 11 (4 credits): Theory course, examination, evaluation and 50 hours of practical officiating.
  • UXSO 12 (4 credits): Theory course, examination, evaluation and 50 hours of practical officiating.

Knowledge and Assessment 

  • Student officials must have completed a theory component, passed an examination, and completed practical experience with an evaluation signed by a PSO designated official’s educator or evaluator.

Practical Experience

  • For the practical officiating experience, a student official must commit the minimum number of officiating hours as indicated in the above table. Officiating hours can be acquired in more than one sport. For students who accumulate officiating hours in more than one sport, it is mandatory they complete the theory, examination and evaluation/assessment component independently for each sport. The student official must have a record (booklet, passport, etc.) that is signed by a PSO designated official to confirm the number of hours spent on the practical component.


Approved Programs

The following are approved official programs and their associated graduation credits.


Provincial Sport Organization Official 10 
UXSO 10 
2 credits
Official 11 

4 credits
Official 12 
4 credits
Alpine Ski Level 1 Level 2  
Athletics Provisional & Level 1 Introductory Level 2 – Technical Level 3 – Junior / Student
Badminton Local Regional Provincial
Baseball  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Basketball  Rookie Level    
Cerebral Palsy Sports (SportAbility)  Junior/Provincial Boccia Referee    
Diving  Level 1  Level 2  
Field Hockey Provincial B Certification Provincial A Certification  
  • Provincial 1-Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Provincial 1-Women’s Artistic
  • Entry Level-Men’s Artistic
  • Provincial 2-Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Provincial 2-Women’s Artistic
  • Regional-Men’s Artistic
  • Provincial 3-Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Provincial 3-Women’s Artistic
  • Provincial-Men’s Artistic
Hockey   Level 2 Level 3
Karate Jr. Judge C Jr. Judge B Referee B or A
Lacrosse Entry Level Level 1 Level 2
Netball High School/Junior League Official    
Racquetball Tech B Official Level 1 Level 2
Ringette Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Rugby Rugby Officiating Level 1    
Sailing Race Management 1 Race Management 2 Judge Level 1 White
Soccer Small Sided Referee Entry Level Referee 1st Year Entry Level Referee 2nd Year
Softball Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Speed Skating *short or long track   Level 1 Speed Skating Certified Level 2 Theory
Swimming Pre-Level 1 Level 1 Level 2
Tennis TCOP Certified Local Official TCOP Certified Provincial Official TCOP Certified National Official
Volleyball   Local Official Provincial Official
Water Polo Regional Official    
Waterski / Wakeboard     WSWBC Officials Level 3
Weightlifting Provincial Category 5 Provincial Category 4 National Category 3
Wrestling BC Official-C BC Official-B BC Official-A