Online learning

Last updated: November 23, 2021

Online learning is a classroom alternative. It used to be called distributed learning. With this style of learning, students can:

  • Connect with their B.C.-certified teacher from anywhere using the internet, phone or mail
  • Work with their teacher to reach goals in their learning plan
  • Take a program or course online or by web conferencing, teleconferencing, correspondence, etc.
  • Get support through opportunities for in-person learning and interactions with other students

Learning from home. B.C. has a long history of helping students learn from home successfully. Online learning continues to provide a flexible option for students to learn from home that meets provincial education standards. Find out how online learning is different from homeschooling.

What to expect this year

Find out what's happening to online learning in 2021/22.

What to expect next year

Check out the new online learning model that starts in 2022/23.

How to sign up
for online learning

Enrol in online learning by contacting a school or district.

for administrators

Look up online learning policies and processes.

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