Online learning information for administrators

Last updated: January 27, 2023

Info for students and parents

Learn about online learning options and find out how to sign up. Get information for students and parents.

Jobs for educators

If you're interested in teaching online, check with schools or districts that offer online learning to find out about job opportunities and requirements.

Use the provincial learning management system

D2L Brightspace is the new provincial online learning platform (called a learning management system or LMS). It was chosen as part of a procurement process that included educators, administrative staff and other stakeholders.

Schools can use the LMS to:

  • Collaborate with students online
  • Upload and deliver course activities, lessons and assignments
  • Access and share high-quality online learning resources

Onboard to the new LMS

  • The new provincial LMS is available for school districts and independent school authorities to onboard

Access resources for educators

ShareEdBC is an online platform that educators can use to:

  • Find or share ready-to-use resources for teaching, planning and professional learning
  • Connect with other educators
  • Engage, inspire and spark the imaginations of learners

Accountability and quality assurance process

A new accountability and quality assurance process is being developed

Under the new online learning model, B.C. boards and independent schools will continue to be responsible for providing quality education through current accountability measures, including:

A new accountability and quality assurance process is being developed with Indigenous rightsholders and education sector partners. It will be ready to launch with provincial online learning schools in the 2024/25 school year.

The Standards for K-12 Online Learning in B.C. (PDF, 429.2KB) and Standards for Online Learning Content in B.C. (PDF, 451.3KB) will apply until the new accountability and quality assurance process is launched.


Interim online learning policies are in place until June 30, 2023

A new policy and a procedures manual are currently being developed

  • A new online learning policy for Provincial Online Learning Schools (public and independent) and District Online Learning Schools is being co-developed with education sector partners and Indigenous rightsholders.
  • A new procedures manual will outline specific requirements for Provincial Online Learning Schools and District Online Learning Schools.

Programs and courses


Please contact for information about online learning in BC or for information about onboarding to the Provincial Learning Management System.